Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gavin's 5th birthday!

Ok, so we had been planning for MONTHS to have "knights and fair maidens" birthday party for Gavin. We were so excited and had it all planned out right down to the treat bags and pinata! 2 3 weeks before his party he gets invited to another birthday party within his main circle of friends and what is he having.....? guessed it "knights and fair maidens". Not that we couldn't have done the same thing, there would probably have been some differences and the kids wouldn't care, but I was having a hard time getting geared up for that much preperation for a party that had already been done 3 weeks before. It put a damper on my creativity and I just wasn't very excited. Gavin decided after much discussion (I wanted an outer space party!) that he would have a "cooking party" (he loves to cook). I made each of the children aprons and chef hats and they brought their things home in a dinner napkin wrapping up play dough, rolling pin and cookie cutter. It looked kid of like a picnic sack. They each made their own pizza and custom made cookies and we played "name that utensil". It was the smoothest party ever! It was a lot of fun. In retrospect I'm glad "knights and fair maidens" was taken cause this was really enjoyable. And what were the more popular toppings for the pizzas you ask?? Pepperoni (of course), pineapple and BLACK OLIVES....who would have thought? Nobody touched the zucchini and the green pepper wasn't that popular either, go figure!

Check out Simon just chilling, he was such an angel baby....just watching all the kids having fun and wishing he was old enough for pizza!


Jonny, Mel, Aaron said...

Kara, what an adorable blog, and such a great way to showcase your incredible talents (sewing, being a mother, being amazing...). Thanks for sharing. I'll be a regular!

Christina Bond said...

You are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing the blog. I'm excited to keep up with all the new things your doing.

Carin said...

Your boys are lucky to have such a cool mom. You make me proud and I'd hardly count as offspring. You're such an inspiration. Thanks!

christy said...

Kara- You are one talented girleeo and I can't wait to keep up with all your fun projects. Looks like a fun birthday party.

Christine said...

Hey Kara! I'm glad to see you finally started up one of these. You have such amazing projects! Well, I can't remember if you know about our website. As if you don't already have enough to do...get to bed!

Renie said...

Kara -
What a great site! I'm so proud of all the things you are doing. I can't believe you actually have the time to keep up the blog let alone all the projects you are doing in order to have the material FOR the blog. You've come a long way since you first sat down at the sewing machine so many years ago. Keep up the good work honey...

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