Tuesday, July 15, 2008

O Canada !!

All of my kids have "Canada" t-shirt that they can exhibit in celebratory style on Canada Day! (July 1st) I am completely Canadian, do you think I have a shirt?? My family would be disgusted if they knew. I don't even have a plain red shirt I can wear. I have a USA shirt but no Canada shirt. So, this year in a mad fury to get ready for Canada Day I embroidered one for myself. Finished it just minutes before the celebration was to begin. Phew! Here is me with my big sister Jennie (actually my aunt suposedly) and my little Simon.
Also I have to post Gabriel's contribution he drew a moose for "pin the tail on the moose" game all by himself. We will make an artist out of him yet! He even used "eh" in proper context....maybe we'll make a Canadian out of him also, I guess technically he is half!

Hair Bows Gallore!

I've had a few requests to post some of my hair bows to my blog. I have made hundreds of bows... sadly I have not taken many pictures of them and because I have ALL boys and no girls of my own I don't have any on hand to take snap shots of them. Maybe my darling sister and sisters-in-law will forward me photos of my handiwork....even my mother-in-law has some stashed away for up and coming baby showers. Until I can whip up some more for an order or to take photos of (whichever comes first) these photos will have to suffice :)

Not much variety in these pics though...sorry!

Cloth Diapers anyone????

Ok, so I've done cloth diapers at different stages with all my boys but ended up stopping when they outgrew the cloth diapers I had for them. Let's face it, it's an investment and cloth diapers are not cheap. With Simon though I thought "why can't I make them?...how hard can it be?" It took quite a bit of research to find out where to purchase the supplies I needed but they turned out rather well. I've been happy with them and they are festive little nappies don't you think? They can also double as a diaper cover and in our state (not sure about other states) it is required to have a diaper cover over the swim diaper because of last years incidents with Cryptosporidium bacteria in the pools.

Well, these covers will keep it all in!

relationships with orange

relationships with orange

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