Tuesday, July 15, 2008

O Canada !!

All of my kids have "Canada" t-shirt that they can exhibit in celebratory style on Canada Day! (July 1st) I am completely Canadian, do you think I have a shirt?? My family would be disgusted if they knew. I don't even have a plain red shirt I can wear. I have a USA shirt but no Canada shirt. So, this year in a mad fury to get ready for Canada Day I embroidered one for myself. Finished it just minutes before the celebration was to begin. Phew! Here is me with my big sister Jennie (actually my aunt suposedly) and my little Simon.
Also I have to post Gabriel's contribution he drew a moose for "pin the tail on the moose" game all by himself. We will make an artist out of him yet! He even used "eh" in proper context....maybe we'll make a Canadian out of him also, I guess technically he is half!


Laurie said...

Kara you're always up to something cute! Do you do appplique?

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relationships with orange

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