Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hair Bows Gallore!

I've had a few requests to post some of my hair bows to my blog. I have made hundreds of bows... sadly I have not taken many pictures of them and because I have ALL boys and no girls of my own I don't have any on hand to take snap shots of them. Maybe my darling sister and sisters-in-law will forward me photos of my handiwork....even my mother-in-law has some stashed away for up and coming baby showers. Until I can whip up some more for an order or to take photos of (whichever comes first) these photos will have to suffice :)

Not much variety in these pics though...sorry!


Natalie said...

OK! I want to put in my order for school! How much are they and can you make some that match our uniforms? :)

Unknown said...

Can You tell me the prices of these types of hair bows....


tricia said...

Sorry this flaky sister in law hasn't got any pics to you of the darling hair bows you made for my girls. I will get those soon.

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relationships with orange

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