Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vintage dressform project!

So I've been trying to find a dressform that I can use not only for designing clothing but mainly as a model to take pictures of aprons and such. Dressforms are not cheap my friends and I wanted one that was visually appealing also. I was mentioning it to my dear friend Jenny (who's photography is amazing and I secretly covet her talent, I'm not good with photos!) and a couple days later her and her sister had a yard sale and what did her very cool sister bring to the yard sale to sell??? You got it, a vintage dress form...which I promptly purchased with my mind swimming with ideas of how best to make it into a photo worthy dress form. I must admit, the robin egg blue color is charming and I am rather partial to it, however the bolts and screws all over the place and it is not very sturdy at all so I have a mission. This is a picture of the original dress form, stay tuned to see the finished project. If you have any suggestions of what color to paint it when it's done I would love to hear them...I've narrowed it down to 4 choices. 1)keep the original robin egg blue just a fresh coat of paint 2)red 3)black 4)white. Also I need suggestions of what kind of decorative element to put on top, some sort of finial or maybe a vintage crystal doorknob, anyway cast your votes!


Misty said...

I would just say that you don't want the dress form to take away from your way cute designs. I would go neutral black, brown, or tan. Just a suggestion but I really do love it by itself blue.

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relationships with orange

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