Thursday, October 9, 2008

skirting the issue!

I recently sewed a couple of fun and flirty little girls skirts to post on my etsy shop. They turned out so cute, I had a couple of neighbors girls try them on (since I am in testosterone heaven!) and they looked even sweeter on. I hope they will find a happy home! I will post a tutorial on how to apply the FOE for the wasteband and how to do the piping and border at the bottom...stay tuned!


Maleen said...

I need to learn how to make these because my girls need long skirts (estrogen heaven here). All the dresses now days are just a little too short.

Bess said...

Kara I love those skirts. So cute. Can't wait for the tutorial on how to do the waistband. You have such great taste in fabric.

Christine said...

I have seen these skirts up close and they are AMAZING! Buy one now!

Unknown said...

how much are you selling them for? they are beautiful!!!

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relationships with orange

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