Friday, May 15, 2009

My Latest Eco Addictions.....

I love love love this Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent, honestly I can't say enough amazing things about this product. It works sooo well, smells amazing (70+ scents to choose from, I chose sweetpea cause that's my nickname!) and has a myriad of uses.
It works for energy efficient washers as well as my old faithful one and takes less than half the amount of regular detergent and saves me so much money. Also these detergents are made with all natural ingredients, phosphate-free, non-toxic, PLANET FRIENDLY and gray water safe. You can buy them from Ashley a WAHM like myself, she has a great business called Crunchy Clean. Check her out. Here are some other uses that this amazing invention has, seriously can you tell I'm in love? It's made my life so much easier.

You can actually use it by itself as a comet type scrub OR you can add some dish detergent to it to make a paste like soft scrub that works fantastic for shower floors! I use it to clean my toilets too in lieu of comet or other harsh chemical cleaners.

2 Tablespoons in a bucket with 1/4 cup of vinegar makes a GREAT multipurpose cleaner! I clean our ceramic tile floors, the counters, and the kitchen sink with it!

a few Tablespoons mixed with dish soap makes a wonderful scrubby cleaner - it needs to be a gritty consistency, and you can wash your tubs and sinks safely without bleach or other unsafe cleaners! :)

Make a pretreater - mix with water and let it sit on stains! OR, mix hot water with a tablespoon or two and let your stains clothes sit for a few hours or overnight!

You can also sprinkle a little in your diaper pail to deodorize.

Also I'm in love with Spa Therapy's facial products, I have the patchouli mint soap, aloe skin toner, vegan deodorant stick (love this!), and the papaya and tea tree scrub (amazing!). These too shops are definite treasures that I've come across on Etsy, feel free to support these amazing women and their handmade products.


jamie said...

I just ordered some! Woot Woot!

melia said...

see, free trade between CAN & US should exist for this kind of thing, but Oh NO! Hmph. Anyway, just got back from Hong Kong this morning. Hey, are you still vegetarian?

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