Thursday, November 20, 2008


yesterday my darling sister in law had her fourth baby...she was so ready to have this baby, 4 days overdue and just tired of being pregnant. This is the 13th grandchild...all of them under 8 years old!
Melissa is an avid knitter and has beautiful work, you should see her stuff. She is so cute sitting there with her laptop with her pattern that she designed on a spreadsheet, finger flying furiously. Unfortunately I don't think she was able to finish baby's Christmas stocking in time, but Christmas is still a few weeks away. Congrats Melissa and family, it's always so exciting to have a new addition to our family...this little boy is so lucky to be born to such fabulous parents. Congrats!


Blair and Heidi said...

Hi Kara! This is Heidi Lybbert. I'm sure Stephen told you I ran into him the other night at Temple Square. It was so good to see him and get an update on you guys!! I would love to get in touch with Melissa. If you have any contact information I could have that would be great!! Your family is adorable. Hope to hear from you soon. Oh, my blog address is and email is

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