Friday, December 26, 2008

Blessings for Christmas!

I feel so blessed that we were able to have such a great Christmas full of love, laughter and of course energy with 4 little boys. During a season of great difficulty for many, I find myself giving many thanks for our jobs and the security they provide, our kids are very healthy...sometimes I find myself wishing for a moment of lethargy from one or two :) Nevertheless health is something that can be taken for granted and I'm finding over the past year a renewed need to give thanks for such a tremendous blessing.

My mother, though still fighting her stage 4 cancer is in such great spirits and is a continuous example to me of the power of positivity in the face of adversity. She is still with us and blesses our lives. During this season I am so greatful for loving, kind parents that raised a family with so much love. My sibblings rock and I think that is one of the greatest gift they have ever given brothers and sisters. The ONLY thing that would have made Christmas better this year is to have been able to spend it with family, but then again I guess that's another blessing to count is that we actually have lots of family members that we would WANT to spend time with, instead of the toxic and annoying type you hear so much of.

Here is my wish to you for a fabulous New Year filled with much happiness, and many opportunities to count blessings!


Bess said...

Kara, I feel the same way about my family. I hear so many people talk about not wanting to spend time with their families and it breaks my heart. I miss mine so much and wish we were closer.

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