Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bruises and snoozes!

So in my efforts to make Christmas vacation memorable the boys and I made a list of things we wanted to do and then sat down to downsize the list and figure out who, what, when and where etc. Here is the list:
*swimming *bowling *skating *sledding *playing Nintendo 64 *playing Hullabaloo *visiting cousins
I called Stephen to see what his recommendations were (he was working). He said "pick one we have to pay for and one that we don't and we'll see if we can't accomplish that this week, we just can't fit it all in". True enough! So we did secret ballot by writing for those that can and drawing for those that can't read. Much to my disappointment bowling won and skating got ousted! (I love to skate) We made plans with friends of our that we haven't seen in 8 years to go together bowling today. This morning they called and their kids were throwing up so we had to reschedule for later in the week. I turned to Stephen and said "so since we aren't going bowling today shall we skate?" I'm so sly!

The boys had fun, complained at first cause they could not stay up for anything....by the end they were starting to get the hang of it. They kept saying "I want to skate like you (with tears in their eyes)" to which I replied "honey, I've been skating since I was three, I had a skating rink in my backyard! That's like me wanting to play the violin as well as Daddy right away and he's been playing since he was three! It takes lots of work and patience!"
I'm interested to see how many bruises I'll find on them at bath time tomorrow, but with all the excitement and falling, there will be a lot of snoozing tonight!


Neelans Family said...

woo hoo for skating! we did that too and it always brings back memories of skating in your own backyard...

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