Friday, December 26, 2008

Ms. Montgomery's curtains!

So my children go to a charter school...since I work during the mornings until 12:45 and then my husband leaves for his work at 1:30 there is little time to volunteer at the boys' school. I often seek for opportunities to volunteer while doing things from home (sewing costumes for the play, making bean bags for math centers, typing things for the class website etc.) This year Gabriel's teacher asked me to sew her some curtains to cover the closets where she keeps the school supplies. Her walls are a fun cranberry red and so I went with something that would stand out and be a little fun. She thought they were a hoot, and Gabriel was so proud that his mother could actually sew as his friends commented "I can't believe your Mom made that, my Mom can't sew at all!".


Natalie said...

This picture doesn't do them justice, Kara! I immediately knew you made them when I saw them.

You'd better put it in writing if you don't want Gavin to have the mean teacher next year. I am already going to do all I can to snatch him up!

Bess said...

Oh I love those. What a lucky teacher.

Jessica Stark said...

I am a VERY lucky teacher! And Natalie is right, the pictures don't do them justice. And not only does she make me curtains, she makes me cute posters, class job signs, and whatever else creative I need done! Thank you so much Kara!!

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