Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Eve with monkeys and yellow snow!

In my efforts yet again to make the boys' Christmas vacation memorable I decide at the last minute that I really should do something special with the boys for New Years Eve even though Stephen is working. The difficult thing is that I had to work at 9:00pm also and that meant everyone had to be in bed asleep by 9pm so I could start my shift...a little stressful. I took the boys to the zoo for "zoo lights" a very cool light display with every animal you can imagine encapsulated in a twinkling display. The boys were on their BEST behaviour which I was grateful for although Simon did not like the cold and there was a LOT of walking to be had. The boys were a little disappointed that most of the animals went "home for the winter and will be back to visit in spring" but they settled for the odd cougar, bobcat or tiger slumbering in the snow. Good sports!

I also have to point out the gorgeous hats that my darling mother made for me and the boys! Isn't she amazing? She would be proud to see them all keeping them on, especially Simon! Love you Mom, thanks for the treasure! Any creative juice I have running through these veins I owe to my mother, she is the queen of making a gourmet meal out of nothing and an evening gown out of a brown paper bag.

On the way out the door of the zoo my 3 year old says "thank you mommy for to taking us to the zoo!", the older two chime in "yeah mommy you rock our world, thanks I'm exhausted but it was fun". Music to my ears, guess it was worth the stress and the 18 bucks!

Only after we get all the way to the car (which was not an easy feat!) Simon crying all the way, (he was so beyond exhausted)did Seth inform me that he needed to go potty and it could "definitely not wait". We were parked quite a way from the zoo and consequently the bathrooms. What did I do? Just what every resourceful mother would do, found an empty cup and placed it underneath his parts and said "ok, pee"...he was so shock that he had a little difficulty producing the goods but eventually relinquished, only to my surprise did I realize that the 'tumbler size cup from Costco' might not hold all that was inside this little 3 year old. I was freaking out (inside...never let them see you sweat!)...relieved I was to find that he finished with an inch from the top of the brim! Phew! I promptly disposed of it on a snowbank, moral of this story? Don't eat yellow snow! Hope you and yours have a very happy New Year!


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