Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CPSC here we come!

So is it any wonder that I've been soooo behind in blog posts with 4 kids, my job with JetBlue, housework up the ying yang, swimming/basketball/scouts/preschool/school and kindergarten drop offs/pick ups, home owners association board, church responsibilities and of course trying to run my little business that has been growing pretty fast...earlier this week I was behind 36 diaper covers! Oh and my husband needs attention sometimes too and of course I want his attention also! :) If all this wasn't enough we have the CPSIA looming in the distance threatening it's effect on Feb 10th. I am desperately trying to get all elements of my diaper covers etc. tested to be in compliance with CPSIA. It's not as easy as you would think. It's very difficult to find labs that are certified to test in compliance with CPSC regulations and the turn around time is long, it's expensive and very labor intensive and frustrating. I'm just trying to save my business and ensure its growth, I think I've got a good thing going and I'm pretty sure that others do also. Tonight I spent a couple of hours getting together samples of elastic and hook and loop (Velcro) and a diaper cover for submission for testing. It was a long process but hopefully it will have a positive outcome and we can post the certificate for others that use the same product/manufacturer and save them some time and energy. Please keep your fingers crossed that this will all come together and won't be painfully expensive...wishful thinking. I told my sister Kendra that if I have to close up shop I would sell her my designs and she can start making them from Canada where the CPSIA doesn't apply. I guess I can still make covers and children's clothing for my international customers just not the ones in the country in which I reside.


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relationships with orange

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