Friday, January 9, 2009


Today Amanda Butterfield from KSL Channel 5 came over to my home and interviewed myself and 3 others from our Utah Etsy Team . The topic?? CPSIA Many of you may know what it is, it is a heated topic amongst many online boards and groups. CPSIA stands for Consumer Product Safety Inspection Act and could potentially shut down thousands of small businesses across the nation that sell products for intended for children under 12. You can read about it more here. In the face of an already crumbling economy it will devastate thousands, whether it's your hobby or your livelihood. Please take a minute to sign petitions or write to congressmen/senators...anyone who will listen as it will heavily impact our economy, landfills, employment rate and ultimately our families. If you can't watch it on TV then please check it out on KSL online and leave a comment...the more comments and "click" we get keep it on the front page of the website and will draw attention to this topic.

Here are the links of the other shops that were featured in the piece:
Bugs n bees
Luminous Mom
Levity in brevity


relationships with orange

relationships with orange

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