Friday, January 2, 2009

The power of popcorn!

Every Friday I take my boys to the library where they pick out a movie and IF, BIG IF the family room and their rooms are clean they get to have......MOVIE NIGHT! Elated are they to consume massive amounts of homemade popcorn (no matter how big a supper they had) while watching a rousing episode of the Flinstones! Friday nights always finish with a sleepover in the family room crashing on bean bags, couches or in homemade forts...the joy of being a little boy!


Misty said...

Kara, You are amazing and I hope you give yourself credit every now and then. Miss you and all your creative energy. On week 39 of this pregnancy and still no baby. Hope he comes soon. I think you are a Rock Star! Love, Misty

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relationships with orange

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