Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New kid on the etsy block!

My sister Kendra just opened up an Etsy shop a couple weeks ago. She is an amazing seamstress, I wish everyday that she could live near to me...I know that together we could make big things happen. Kendra is the kind of person EVERYBODY loves and loves being around. She is fun, beautiful, talented, positive, and kind...she makes you feel good about yourself and want to be better. And most importantly she loves chocolate too!

The only problem with Kendra and her new shop is that she is so brilliant at making so many things that she's having a hard time figuring out what to focus on. Please welcome my sister into her new store and spread the word to others that may be looking for high quality, hand made with love children's clothing and paraphernalia. She loves custom orders and can make anything, give her a try...I dare you! Congratulations Ken, I wish you many successes. Love you.


Old Main Photography said...

Cute blog, Kara! Good job on all your fun posts. I love Kendra's creations, too! That must be her new baby girl modeling the baby sleeping-bag- what a cutie! Love ya'll!

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relationships with orange

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