Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jazz up your marriage!

So we've lived in Utah now for 9 years! (can hardly believe it) Both of us come from big basketball loving families and yet we have NEVER been to a Jazz game! How appauling! We have a friend that works for Larry H. Miller group (the owner of the Jazz)periodically he gets free tickets and they gave them to us. I made sure that they didn't want them seeing as they were center court 20 rows up amazing seats and his wife said, and I quote "(my husband) hates sports and said he would rather get a root canal then watch a basketball game!" Wow, he must really hate sports. So we gladly took them, it was really fun. Stephen and I had a great time critiquing the players and their finesse, we were shocked and humbled to see that all but one of the Jazz players are younger than Stephen and ALL of them are younger than me and make about 25 times what we make! Great game though, could have done without our neighbors next to us that got up about 15 times during the game and became increasinly inebriated but oh well, can't win them all....but the Jazz did by the way! Thanks for the tickets Steve and Melanie!


relationships with orange

relationships with orange

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