Sunday, July 5, 2009

Canada Day and 4th of July!

In our family we celebrate both, the only problem is that they are only a couple days apart and since we live in the USA we don't want to appear un-patriotic (is that a word?) by celebrating Canada Day just before Independence Day and since most Americans don't even know when Canada Day is it can appear a little insensitive on our part.
Nevertheless, we went to the park in our Canada t-shirts and had pizza with Canadian Bacon on it (roll your eyes if you will) and pineapple (which is essentially Hawaiian pizza and we are also Hawaiian so it works in the multicultural mix!). We had ice cream, played tag and usually sing "Oh Canada!" (which is NOT to the tune of "Oh Christmas tree" in case you were wondering!)
After that my husband and I reflected on how lucky we were to have all our children intact as my sister's pet polar bear recently devoured one of her children...good thing she's got 8 more (gotta do something to keep you warm in those looooong Canadian winters). Just after we write out a check to support the "Igloos for Humanity fund", then we write members of parliament to encourage them to allow the Internet to Canada cause I really miss my siblings and would like to keep in touch with them. (By the way if you believe the last paragraph please keep in mind that Canada is responsible for the inventions of the blackberry, basketball, the zipper and insulin, nor have I ever seen a polar bear except in the Los Angeles zoo!)

July 4th was lots of fun we started with a parade and then headed to my Aunt's gorgeous house for a BBQ and slip and slide and driveway of fireworks.

We are so lucky to live and have lived in countries that provide us with the freedoms that we enjoy and cherish. Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!


Neelans Family said...

So it's not just the Ohioians who think the tune is Oh Christmas Tree... good to know!
Your boys are adorable and lucky to have such an unbelievable mom :)

Carin said...
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Carin said...

Hi, just checking in cause I miss you guys! Love the cute picture of your family, but I'm worried for your sister's family and their pet. I never knew living up north was so dangerous! :)

By the way, you'll be happy to know that I can still sing Oh, Canada to the proper tune. Love and hugs!!

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