Monday, February 2, 2009

FOE tutorial time!

Ok, so by multiple requests I am finally getting my act together and hopefully my customers will forgive me that I am really behind in orders and taking an evening to put this tutorial together. So here it is.....right HERE!

If my tutorial was unclear here is another on youtube if you feel like it would make more sense to see it visually. You might still want to read my tutorial though cause it offers a few tips that may expand on what she demonstrates.

Also here are a few suggestions besides skirts and covers to use FOE on and they are really neat ideas!
Dalia's dress

A blouse

Sadie's dress

Also here is a couple of great places to get FOE:
1. this is where I get my 5/8" FOE for children's clothing etc.

2. I also LOVE Crystal from Foe your She has a great selection of the 1" plush FOE and great customer service, often has great sales AND she's Canadian...what more could you ask for!


Lyanna said...

Thanks so much for the links you provided for FOE. I have been wanting to run wild with this stuff, but hadn't yet for some reason.

I hope you don't mind, I put a link to your blog on mine. You stuff is so cute!

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relationships with orange

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