Monday, February 16, 2009

KSL interview!

OK, so last Thursday Amanda Butterfield (KSL channel 5) called me and said that she really wanted to come over and get a quick interview on my reaction to the CPSIA testing stay for the next year. I was very hesitant, there I was still in my pyjamas trying to get my 5 year old out the door for kindergarten, making the boys lunch and packaging up 15 orders...planning on hopping into the shower once the baby was down for a know usual "Mom" stuff. Amanda persisted "please, we'll be really quick, I just really need a statement from you regarding this, I promise we'll be quick".
When she arrived she said "your home isn't messy I don't know what you were worried about". I told her I wasn't worried about my home as much as the orders, my pyjamas and such and she wanted to put me on TV, never mind that she showed up on my doorstep 20 minutes after calling. I was freaking out. But a quick face wash, some fresh makeup and quick change of clothes and a earlier than usual nap for the baby and 15 minutes of Nintendo for my preschooler and Voila!...a interview for KSL!...with sweat dripping down my brow!


Mariesa M. said...

I thought you did an awesome job! I just googled you this morning after seeing your interview last night to check out your etsy page. Your quilts are beautiful!

Tanielle said...

You have super cute things. I am excited I found you!

christy said...

Kara, you're awesome. I'm so glad you got the year extension. I'm so happy your business is really taking off. I tell everyone I know about your site. Hopefully we'll be sending more business your way!

Rosalynn said...

You did a great job in the interview! And yay for the extension!

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